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How it work?


Trip applicants should first visit the website, read needed information, sign up and make a profile. Then they will be consulted by the physicians (through the communicational channels) and if any photo or biography is needed, you should submit. We will be checking them out and offer you the best suggestion.

finaly, the applicant will make decision to travel to iran.

Upon receiving the patient’s documents and reports, we will get the visa and coordinate the flight, inhabitancy, etc.

the time that the patient is about to arrive Iran, his time is managed according to a timeline. So he knows what is going to be done for the next time, the hotel has already been booked, the clinic has been coordinated, physician is ready and anything has been totally prepared.

During the time that the patient is in iran, an assistant accompanies him, who is a translator or a native, and can communicate with the local language and make contact between the patient and the local people. After the surgery, the patient can be in touch with his physician eventhough he is out of Iran.

Required documents

while planning for travelling abroad, it is utterly necessary to prepare required documents to experience a trip with the least problems.

Here is the list of the required documents needed to be carried to Iran:

Health reports; your medical profile or any remark from the previous/ current treatment sessions.

Vaccination proof prescription; (yellow fever, polio, etc), X ray, MRI, immunization records, prescription and medical records related to the previous surgery records, MRI and X- Ray documents.

Be sure you bring your medical records and your drugs

Passport with six-month validity and your visa.

You can upload all your records to your profile system in order to be checked.

Be in touch with us for any specific information or if you need to help you for organizing your records or your trip plans.


Foreigner patients can get information about Iran's visa terms and policies by visiting

note: passengers of the majority of countries can receive visa just the time they arrive to Iran's airport.