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What does Drustih mean?

The word “Drustih” comes from Sanskrit and Pahlavi. In these two languages, “Druva” means firm and steady and has changed to “Drvatat” in transition into Avesta. In Avesta, “Drvatat” means “Drustih”; so the word “Drustih” consists of “Drva” meaning steady and “stih” meaning “existing” or “is”.

There are other synonyms for “Drustih”: peace, relieve, salvation, being free of illnesses, becoming faultless and healing.

About Drustih Platform

Despite of what our nationality is, each individual has his own health needs, who needs its own way to be treated!

In recent years, health tourism has been grown across the world and its main reason is the ability of fast booking with no waiting time. Also, medical and health services offered by the destination health-tourism countries are much cheaper and suitable.

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certainly, you are looking for the best treatment services with your limited budget. To do this, we do our best to track packages and treatment costs according to your specific needs and help you to make better decisions.

Our coordinating team, will accompany you until you make a rational decision, and look for any information you wish. You may review all information with your family or friends and choose the most appropriate option. It is you to decide exactly when, where, how and what exactly must happen.

Here, you can be sure you will receive the best possible observations for specialized treatment. In addition, all your medical information is saved in your system profile and you always have this accessibility to your medical-treatment background. As a result, you can keep your relationship with us and your medical team and the physicians can track your health status much better and be assured about your health.

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