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Iran's advantages (why Iran)

Iranian Professional physicians

State of the art technology

Natural healing areas

Iran has the tenth, fifth and fourth ranking of natural tourism attractions, climate and ancient monuments.

Iran has the most professional, well- known and well- trained physicians in the middle east. In addition, Iran is the pioneer in the field of health science development in the region. Iran is one of the top five countries in the field of Molecules Biotechnology.

Iran possesses the ability of fertility treatment, stem cell therapy, dialysis, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery and ophthalmology. Having almost three hundred mineral springs across the country. Having a mellow climate and better aerial condition than the rest of the region.


Valuable resources


Special advantages

Special qualifications

Lab and genetic equipped tools

Performing advanced surgery such as open heart surgery, spinal cord, Iris, Plastic, Organ transplants

Global reputation of Iranian doctors

Geographic proximity to Central Asia, the Middle East and the Arab market

Get the latest diagnostic and health care equipment

Accessing new success in the medical arena

(Stem Cells)

Cultural and linguistic similarity with foreign neighbors

Modern dentistry equipment with national experience and international capabilities

Proper cultural environments for Muslim countries

Three million Iranians living abroad seeking treatment quality with optimal costs

numerous specialized and ultra- specialized medical centers with international standards

World-wide specification in the speciality of cardiac and transplantation, eye and plastic, and beauty therapy, infertility and teeth

High demand from patients in neighboring countries for cureness and beauty care

having 51 medical schools

Performing advanced reproduction methods

Low cost of diagnosis, treatment and residence

Demand of foreign patients to receive unique treatments

Physical infrastructures

(Hospitals and research centers and tourist sites)

Various weather conditions(four seasons)

historical monuments, cultural and natural attractions