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Health check

We consider  “us” for your Preventive Health Check. We would like to take the time to briefly discuss the process of undergoing Preventive Health Check.

Why do you need a health check?

The global burden for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, etc has risen at a rapid pace and currently, over 38 million people worldwide have lost their lives to them annually.

People living in urban areas are more exposed to NCDs but most of these diseases are preventable if detected in their early stages of development and /or are easily manageable if not curable in some cases.

Health checks help you find out if you are suffering from a particular disease or condition even if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms. Timely detection and the right management can result in better outcomes and lower the risk of serious complications.

What should a health check do for you?

An ideal health check should be a comprehensive screening program that is tailor-made to suit the needs of an individual and should not be just a standard set of blood tests. It should involve detailed physical examinations and consultation by experienced physicians for health issues that the individual could be prone to due to his/her personal medical and family history or lifestyle. Cutting – edge technology together with clinical expertise provides accurate and reliable diagnostic results. A truly advanced and up-to-date health check must include a personalized care continuum plan that extends care beyond the health check. This is what guarantees peerless and personalized protection.

  • Health Check Advantage
  • Pioneered health checks in Iran
  • Experience of executing 25 million health checks, with unparalleled expertise in preventive health care
  • Extensive reach of health network
  • Convenience of all tests being available under one roof
  • An army of over 1000 expert specialist consultants to guide you regarding the next steps after your check
  • Optional genetic testing facility available
  • Continuum of care at its best

What to expect?

An experienced physician will meet you and get a thorough understanding of your current medical status, medical history, family history, lifestyle, environmental and socio-economic conditions, occupation, etc.
These will form the basis to identify all the necessary tests/consultations which are most appropriate for you.
These tests and consults will be added to a carefully chosen baseline profile of tests and consultations, forming a customized health plan to enable an in-depth evaluation of your health status and will together form the most comprehensive screening plan for your needs.
This will be followed by a consultation with a senior physician along with a complete report of your test results.

You will also get a lifestyle assessment including dietary and adult vaccination counseling.

  • The Process
  • Appointment and Registration
  • Once you have decided to undertake the Health Check, you can book an appointment  online at
  • You can also login to our website and fill in your medical history. This would help your Physician to serve you better and would also save time.
  • Once you reach the hospital, if you haven't registered online already, we request you to register yourself  at the Health Check Registration counter. In case you have registered online, please collect your file at any of our registration counters.

Instructions for undergoing the Health Check

Kindly have your last meal at least 8-10 hours before you come for the check and report on an empty stomach. You may drink water which may allow your bladder to fill so that we can perform the ultrasound of the lower abdomen. No other fluid is permitted (tea/coffee or juice).
We will offer you a complimentary breakfast after your health check.
Just to make sure we know your medical history completely, kindly carry your old medical records if you have any. If you are on regular medications carry those along with you & inform your Physician about them.
Please wear comfortable clothes as you may undergo various tests. If the package has a TMT, please wear a pair of running shoes or sneakers.
Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy are advised not to undergo any X-Ray test. It is also advisable not to undergo any health check during your menstrual cycle.

The Health Check Process
Our Health Check begins between 7 - 8 am every day. The registrations for the Heath Checks are done up to 10:30 am. You are required to report at a fasting state (8hrs-10hrs of overnight fasting). Please do not take any beverages except water. Do make sure you wear comfortable clothing.
A complete medical history and examination will then be performed by our medical officers and physicians, the outcome of which will result in a Personalized Health Check, made just for you.
After billing, you will undergo a set of laboratory and diagnostic tests.
The entire process will last between 3-5 hours and might take longer if there are any additional tests that might be required to customize your Health Check.
We also offer an afternoon Health Check from 2 pm onwards at certain locations* for which 5 hours of fasting will be required.

Review and Counselling
Following your tests, you will be asked to consult with one of our experienced Consultants for a detailed review of your Health Check reports.
You will also be offered lifestyle, nutrition and vaccination counseling.

Subsequent Visits
It is imperative that you reassess your health status at regular intervals, the regularity being governed by the presence/absence of disorders/diseases and illnesses. Your return visit will mostly focus on pre-existing diseases and illnesses, if any, or a general health assessment.

Additional information
Tests in APHC
Hematology Profile
Diabetic Profile
Cardiac Profile
Renal Profile
Liver Profile
X-ray Chest
Ultrasound abdomen
Clinical examination, medical summary, and advice by a consultant physician
Surgical examination for men
Gynecology examination for women
Diet and lifestyle counseling
Adult vaccination [Vaccination is not only beneficial for children, adults can also benefit from the vaccines. For example, vaccines for adults are now available for diseases like cervical cancer, which is the most common cancer in India, Hepatitis B, and common Flu. You are advised on vaccination by our specialists based on your age, gender, existing disease condition, family history like cervical cancer]
DNA +Personal Genome Analysis test*
*(Optional and available at an additional cost. It can also be done along with other health check packages.)

Genetic testing
What is the DNA+ Personal Genome Analysis test?

It is a genetic screening test that analyses DNA to detect your risk for developing disease conditions (presently we give a predisposition to 62 diseases.) It is a once in a lifetime test.

Why do you need Health Checks after getting a DNA Check?

DNA Check is a predictive test and not a diagnostic test. A DNA test will tell us about your risk of having the disease and not whether you have the disease or not. By doing the genome analysis, the DNA+ test will add to the personalization of your healthcare by complementing your health check.